Anchor Danly

Anchor Danly is considered to be a leading international manufacturer and distributor of die sets, die components, steel plates and metal fabrications. Their products are used in the production of a range of items including: tools, dies, molds, and the equipment for metal working and plastic injection molding. Dedicated to being a world class supplier to the metal working and plastic forming industries, Anchor Danly helps their consumers to compete on a global level by providing highly innovative products and services.


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List of Products/Services:

  • Accu-Bend ™
  • Anchor Die Sets
  • Danly IEM Components
  • Die Max ™ XL Springs
  • In-Die Tapping
  • Lamina Components
  • Lamina Hydraulics
  • Lempco Components
  • Lempo Die Sets
  • Punchrite
  • Reliance Fabrications

Video: Lamina Drills