Flex Spray

Offering the most complete and reliable line of airless spray stock lubrication systems, FlexSpray is able to provide you and your company the ability to control volume, location and timing, which results in substantial cost savings for your bottom line. Their systems are constructed of quality stainless steel and have been engineered with individual stainless steel volume control pumps, available in micro, standard, and heavy duty capacities to accommodate a wide variety of stamping applications. Located in Missouri, shipment of products is accomplished fast and securely to meet all of your needs.


List of Products/Services:

  • Delivery
  • Engineering
  • Improved Piece Part Quality
  • Increased Die Life
  • Increased Productivity
  • Precise Metered Lubrication
  • Rebuild
  • Reduced Lubricant Usage
  • Training
  • Unique Modular Designs