The Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation, is a core company of the Kyocera North American Group, a leading manufacturer and provider of industrial, automotive and semiconductor processing related advanced ceramic components, cutting tool products, liquid crystal displays, thermal printheads, metalized assemblies and industrial lenses. Located throughout North America as well as Japan, Kyocera’s name is associated with innovative, high-quality products, specifically designed with advanced materials and components, leading to a highly successful worldwide enterprise.


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List of Products/Services:

  • Automotive Ceramic Products
  • Cutting Tool Products
  • Industrial Ceramic Products
  • Lens and Lens Assembly Products
  • Liquid Crystal Display Products
  • Semiconductor Processing Equipment Products
  • Thermal Printhead Products
  • Ultra-High Vacuum Ceramic-to-Metal Products

Video: NZ2000T2Y2 Cutting Example