Norton is a brand of Saint-Gobain, and is the largest global manufacturer and supplier of performance engineered abrasives. What sets Norton apart from most companies is that their products can be used for everyday home improvements and do-it yourself renovations to Industrial channel technologies and professionals in the autobody and construction industry. Their extensive R&D expertise allows them to continually create and innovate cost effective solutions for their customers. Whatever the sanding, grinding, or polishing application, Norton has the best abrasive products to meet all of your needs.


List of Products/Services:

  • A275
  • Accessories
  • Adhesives and Sealers
  • Bear-Tex Rapid Strip Discs
  • Black Ice Waterproof
  • Cutting Wheels
  • Defect Removal and Buffing
  • Dry Ice
  • Gold
  • Gold Reserve
  • Grinding Discs
  • Job Packs
  • Multi-Air
  • Norton BlueMag
  • Norton Paint System
  • Scuffing Solutions
  • Specialty Products
  • SpeedGrip Structural Adhesives-Auto Line
  • SpeedGrip Structural Adhesives-Truck Line
  • Tapes and Masking Products