Spotlight Tool – Kyocera Magic Drill

August 11th, 2011

Recently we tested a Kyocera Magic Drill at one of our Philadelphia based companies.  Our customer was previously using a generic catalog drill that was producing 100 pieces per day. This customer came to us looking to improve productivity and the speed of this high volume job.  Flood Supply was able to recommend a high performance drill – The Kyocera Magic Drill.  The results of this test were amazing.  This Philadelphia based manufacturer was able to increase productivity by 150 parts per day. Our customer went from making 100 finished parts a day to 250 completed parts.  What can Flood Supply do for you?

Finishing Abrasive article

June 15th, 2011

If your shop tasks operators with grinding and finishing to remove and blend die marks on stampings, blend and polish welds and fine-tune die surfaces, use the advice here to ensure they select the right abrasive product for the job. Click here to read more.