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Flood Industrial Supply is Your MFG Supply Partner

There is something to be said about a family-owned and operated company whose roots date back more than three generations. Flood Supply promotes loyalty and lasting relationships by refusing to categorize customers by a number, but instead, knows them by name.

We set ourselves apart from traditional catalog-supply houses in many ways. By using our SOLUTIONS-SERVICE-SAVINGS motto in every product we sell, we can guarantee fast order placement, quality items, and technical expertise. Most importantly, with a staff well-versed in all facets of the machine shop industries in our ever changing marketplace, we are able to provide old-fashioned customer interaction with new-fashioned technologies.

You, our customer and partner, need every advantage you can possibly get in today’s world of manufacturing. Relying on the old ways of “doing what you do because that’s the way it’s always been done” can be a sketchy way to do business in today’s competitive environment. You don’t have to drive yourself crazy with paperwork and item conversions, let your reliable source be the answer for known delivery times, quality advice and significant value for your hard earned dollar.

Technology shifts and several recessions worth of downsizing, we, the distributor, represent products that are easier for customers to understand, install and use. The mystery of the technical products we sell are breaking down the barriers between the technical world and our world of trade. You, our customer, needs the value of a well run distributor now more than ever. We, the distributor, that understands the importance of providing great service and measuring the value they provide via technology will be the heroes of our industry.

From all stages of die components to all forms of cutting and finishing tools, Flood Supply represents the best manufacturers in the industry. We will customize your orders and solve complex issues from getting the most bang for your buck to developing your company’s competitive strategic advantage in an ever congested marketplace.

Flood Supply has supplied the manufacturing industry for over 4 decades, and our pledge to you is to continue the traditions that Robert Flood instituted in 1968. We want to build upon the successes of the past so that we continue to supply our customers for the decades to come.

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