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Micro Gas Springs – Small But A Force to be Reckoned With

One micro nitrogen gas spring can provide the force of several heavy duty mechanical die springs. Most die springs have a limitation on compression and eventually have a greatly reduced cycle life. Heavy duty die springs can only be compressed 15-20% of the closed height.

Micro Gas Springs vs Coil Springs

Dadco’s Micro nitrogen gas springs provide full rated force on contact. This force can be repeated over and over while maximizing productivity. Mechanical coil springs force is based on the spring rate of the coil springs. Spring rate is determined by the material, the wire diameter, the spring diameter, the number of coils and the height of the coil spring.

Dadco’s Micro gas springs have a much flatter curve that does not exceed 30% of the original force for any stroke size. All coil springs require a preload to achieve a contact force larger than zero. For most spring applications, the preload force is the force required to strip, hold, form or return the part. As a result of the spring rate, mechanical die springs have a continuing increase in force after preload,

Micro Gas Springs vs Coil Springs
Micro Gas Springs from DADCO

Dadco’s micro gas springs are inexpensive, easy to install and provide a cost-effective solution for die stamping, plastic injection molders and metal fabricators who currently use mechanical die springs. These threaded body models are perfect part ejectors. Some of the models have domed rods to make the part removal operation easier. DADCO even guarantees a 1 year or 1 million stroke service lifetime in writing.
Here are the eight models of DADCO’s Micro Nitrogen Gas Springs
Dadco Micro Gas Springs

The Micro 45®, Micro 70®, Micro 90®, Micro 180® and Micro 250® gas springs are color-coded for easy identification of force rating and are shipped ready to install. No additional equipment or previous experience with nitrogen is required.

Dadco Gas Springs Distributors

Flood Supply’s customer service team is available to answer any questions you may have about these micro gas springs or any DADCO gas spring for your operations. In addition, we are well versed on micro tools for swiss machining and CNC machining tools from over 40 different manufacturers. As your manufacturing supply company in PA, it is our job to train our team on the tools our clients use.

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