Dadco Gas Springs Distributors

As your Dadco distributors, we can source every nitrogen gas spring and all the spring lifters in the Dadco catalog. Already know the Dadco series and model number you are looking for? Contact us through this form on the right.

Not sure? You can search by cam diameter here. Or let us source the right spring by call us at (215) 357-7746 today.

Spring Force Calculator

You can also use this nitrogen gas spring force calculator to determine the correct model. There are over 2600 different nitrogen gas springs in the Dadco catalog and this tool is helpful to narrow your search.

Spring Force Calculator

Just click this image for the actual calculator.

Spring Lifters from Dadco

Save design time with DADCO’s nitrogen spring lifters. Available in a full variety of models, including non-rotating and cushioned versions, this series is ideal for progressive dies. There are over 190 nitrogen gas lifters in their catalog that fall within these 4 primary categories:

  • Non-Rotating Nitrogen Gas Lifters
  • Nitrogen Gas Spring Rail Lifter
  • Two Post Nitrogen Gas Lifters
  • Flange Model

Contact us using the form to the right to place an order or if you need us to source the right lifters for your needs.

As the global leader in nitrogen gas spring technology, DADCO offers their customers a complete line of nitrogen gas springs and accessories. Their products are widely approved and used in global stamping operations for many industries including metal stamping, automotive and plastic injection molding. In conjunction with their wide array of products, DADCO offers product support services in the form of training classes, engineering advice and technical support that is unparalleled in their industry. Their highly knowledgeable staff can service all of your needs on a regional, national and worldwide level.


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